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Our Advantages

Memorials at any form and texture
Any form & any texture

Our Memorial board is a panel made from reinforced concrete in different models with wide range of terrazo surfaces. Terrazzo was first seen around the time of the Italian Renaissance. Crushed marble pieces were used in concrete. Our production plant use adjustable formwork system so we can make the monuments of different shapes and sizes. A coloring pigment is added to cement and used with different granite or marble gravel which give wide possibility in creating of memorials with different colors and surface structure.

Gravestones accessories
The Quality Accessories

Any produced Memorial headstone can be provided with high quality italian funeral accessories. We supply our customers with bronze, stainless steel and ceramic accessories made in EU suitable for extended service life in nordic climate. Products are manufactured by one of following casting methods: lost wax, sand casting and pressure die-casting. These products featuring modern, elegant lines are a synonym of durability over the years.

Headstone mounting
Simple & Easy mounting

When you purchase a ready made memorial headstone it will be shipped to you promptly within reasonable time with necessary mounting kit and manuals. It would take you several hours to install a headstone using recommended tools. Although our gravestones are designed for simple and easy mounting, they have at least 50 years service life.


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Memorial Headstones

Variety of forms are available in different terrazzo textures — in stock, place your order here
Best of Accessories


Stylish italian memorial accessories developed for Nordic countries. — in stock, place your order here

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Exclusive Memorial Design

We can produce memorial of unique design, up to 5m height. — in stock, place your order here
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Maintenance kits

We offer chemical compositions for concrete structure impregnation, polishing wax chemicals, special protection mixtures, etc. — in stock, place your order here

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